The on-going development of the Gulf islands

Koh Phangan Real Estate: The Gulf islands are developing!The Thai Gulf Islands of Koh Phangan, Koh Samui and Koh Tao have already achieved international recognition for their idyllic beaches, tropical forests and peaceful way of life. But, for those whom are considering purchasing (or have already purchased) Real Estate on the Gulf Islands it is important to be aware of what amenities are currently available and what future developments are underway.

All three islands offer significantly diverse atmospheres, yet their proximity to one another allows any lifestyle to be accessed by only a short boat trip.

While Koh Tao is the smallest and least developed of the islands, its existence now relies almost entirely on tourism. The small island attracts scuba-divers, rock-climbers and backpackers alike to discover its natural landscapes and underwater splendour. On the other hand the largest island of Koh Samui has already developed an excellent infrastructure meaning that all the usual comforts of home are easily available within the town, yet the pristine beaches are still on your doorstep. The central island of Koh Phangan is a pleasant combination of both Tao and Samui. Phangan Island offers traditional bamboo huts, authentic fishing villages and a protected national park status, yet, Phangan is also presently seeing vast improvements to facilities and accessibility, as is particularly evident in the port town of Thong Sala.

The increase of sustainability, infrastructure and an enriched way of life is a key concern currently being addressed by the island authorities’ with improvements already in progress. Koh Phangan Real Estate, which has recently seen a fall in prices due to the economic climate, is expected to soon quickly increase in value, due to a combination of an economic financial shift, the lucrative opportunities available and the increasing ease of accessing western products with the newly opened Big C supermarket. Furthermore, instigated just two months ago, is the Koh Samui Power Plant which will provide a more reliable source of electricity to both Samui Island and Ko Phangan. It’s little wonder, considering the current affordability and on-going developments that not only the Koh Samui ‘Land for Sale’ signs are disappearing quickly at the moment!