Koh Phangan News: The future of the island

When thinking about investing money in a real estate object,

there are not only questions about the property one is thinking about. A dream beachfront villa or an amazing resort isn´t worth a lot if the location where it is built, cannot meet the owner´s requirements. There might be topics about the infrastructure coming to one´s mind, before choosing the perfect place.

Road to Maehaad Koh Phangan Real Estate property for sale in Maehaad
Good News: improved road connections on Koh Phangan!

Most of the people immediately think of the famous “Fullmoon Party” when they hear or read about Ko Phangan. It is still a big event that takes place every month and there are a lot of tourists coming for. But behind the Party scene, Phangan has silently evolved from just a backpacker destination to a wonderful island, offering many amenities, for both tourists and residents.

Koh Phangan offers now over 700 accommodation options,ranging from the simple beach hut over the mid-class bungalows to the high-end resort of both national and international hotel chains. These high-class resorts bring a wide variety of other amenities, such as spas and high-quality Thai and Western restaurants, with them. There are also some accommodations offering Yoga, meditation and detox programmes in the quiet parts of Phangan. Still, you can enjoy your delicious Pad Thai in one of the numerous local food stalls, and there are no signs for a change. It just seems as if the old and the new worlds are growing peacefully next to each other.

Good News from Koh Phangan:

There have been many road improvements in the last couple of years on Koh Phangan and they keep on going. Furthermore there is an airport on its way making, that will make it much easier to reach the island. And in the capital of Phangan, in Thongsala, there are more and more shops. But due to the growing number of different tourists and residents, there is still an increasing demand for more entertainment and shopping possibilities. On Phangan one can also find some sustainable projects trying to protect the island, for example PAC  (Phangan Animal Care), they are helping stray dogs or phanganearthworks, they do workshops how to build you house with earthbags, which allows the use of local, natural materials.

Koh Phangan seaview, ocean view
Beautiful Phangan.

A lot has changed on the island, but creative Phangan is not stopping, there is still so much potential. We want the changes and improvements to keep it going because we believe that there is a bright future waiting for the island. Therefore, we are not only interested in direct sales of our land, but also in joint ventures with foreign investors.

We, SQA want to use the islands potential!

Look how beautiful Phangan is…

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