Thailand architects: Finding an architect on Koh Phangan

We will assist you in finding your perfect design partner

Thailand Architects on Koh PhanganRegardless of whether your project will be big or small, expensive or with a small budget, an architect will make everything easier for you and might even improve your original idea. When looking for architects in Thailand, there are some things you should consider.

Take your time, look around

In general, we recommend hiring an architect in Thailand rather than from abroad. Architects that have been working in Thailand before know about specific rules and regulations and will easily get a building permit for your project. However, take your time, look around, even ask your friends and family if they know architects with good reputation. Maybe they have hired architects in Thailand before and can recommend¬† the perfect choice for you. But don’t only use word-of-mouth selection and use other sources too.
When you found an architect and you consider to hire him, ask questions! You need to know if he will deliver his work on time, what’s included in his services and how good he can communicate in English or your favorite language! Also try to ask former clients of this architect about their experiences with him or her.

Choose an architect according to your personality and style

Finding an architect with a personality that matches your own will make conversation with him much easier while your project is being realized. Try to determine the right candidate by interviewing several architects, be it in a formal interview or an informal meeting. Don’t choose an sensitive or thin-skinned architect, if you’re blunt and don’t pick a candidate who lacks the patience to listen to your expectations if you have trouble communicating what you want. Obviously, the architect should also have a style that matches your own. Don’t pick a very traditional architect, if you want a modern ocean view villa. Try to find a candidate that can present finished projects with a similar style like your own ideas.

It is also important to hire an architect with experience in similar projects like you plan to do. If you are building a home, you will generally be better off hiring an architect with experience dealing with homes. When selecting the right candidate, pay attention to the details. Don’t only look at images of finished buildings but ask about materials used and analyse as much as possible. Also ask your candidate if he can arrange an inspection of one of his past projects for you.

Talking about the price

Your budget will affect the outcome of your project – so you should be candid about it and ask for details about each candidate’s payment-options. Usually there are 3 options: A total project fee, an hourly rate or a percentage of the project’s construction cost. Sometimes you will also find combinations of all of the above. If your project is not too big, consider hiring a younger architect. In most cases he will be less expensive but just as competent as other candidates.

Take your time choosing the right candidate!