Koh Phangan Mayor Interview


The mayor of Koh Pangan, Mr. Kaaw recently gave a  very informative interview to the website Phanganist. It presents his humble beginnings as a teacher and how his heart belongs to Koh Phangan even though he wasn’t really born in the said place. As the current mayor, he wishes to devote his life to the island for the rest of his remaining life. He also let us know about the  history of how the world-renowned Full Moon Party in Haad Rin was born out of his idea to welcome tourist and travellers. The idea started from a very simple bungalow near the beach to shelter the travellers from the sun and the rain. Mr Kaaw (Prateeb Tuaycharern) allowed and invited the travellers to  gather woods that drifted to the seashore for the purpose of creating a bonfire. It so happened that some visitors wanted to celebrate their last night on Koh Phangan which fell on a full moon, hence it was called Full Moon Party – from the splendor of a few tourists’ presence to now widely proclaimed event.koh-phangan-government

Mr. Kaaw sent a message to the local people of Koh Phangan to make the tourist and travellers feel welcome, safe and happy during their stay on the island. As a matter of fact, he wants every tourist to feel that he is a part of a family. He points out to be respectful to each other and give fair treatment to everyone. Taxi drivers and motorbike rentals should always be fair and honest with their rates and prices to both local and foreign travellers. Mr Kaaw is indeed a very inspiring individual who does not only promote Koh Phangan, but also incorporates the true beauty of the place. After all, Koh Phangan is not just an ordinary tourist spot. It is a gem that entails a rich history of culture and upbringing, an epitome of a what it feels like to be one with nature. Needless to say, he is not the only person who sees Koh Phangan that way. Almost everyone  who has set foot on the island has an inspiring story of his own. Indeed, it is as breathtaking as it could possibly be.

Watch the interview: