Can a foreigner buy land in Thailand? Learn how you can buy your own beachfront property.

Can a foreigner buy land in Thailand?

Under current Thai law, foreigners are not allowed to buy or own land in Thailand.

Can a foreigner buy land in Thailand? Learn how you can buy your own beachfront property.
Learn how to purchase land in Thailand.

That is why we sell a 90 year leasehold contract which provides the option to be changed to freehold at any time, e.g when the law changes or when you decide to set up a Thai company to do business on your land.

The 90 year leasehold will be sold as a 30 year lease with two renewal options of 30 years. This is the most common way to purchase land in Thailand and it is 100% legal.  You are able to sell your lease at any time and of course you can also construct  on your land. After 30 years a new lease must be set up at the land office. The full 90 year lease is sold when you buy a property from us so there will be no further payments to us after a 30 year lease expires.

Your land plot sold by Siam Quality Assets will have a ‘Chanote’ land title. This is the best land title in Thailand among several others. Land with Chanote title deed has been issued by the Government using GPS to set the boundaries of the land and to make sure everything is as accurate as possible. This title does also include the most comprehensive rights for the leaseholder: You will be able to plot your land and sell parts of it to other parties.

Buying land from local Thai company

Siam Quality Assets
 has gained a lot of experience selling real estate in Thailand and has sold several thousand Rai’s all over the country.  Many plots were sold to foreigners and we’re always arranging everything to make the whole process as easy and comfortable as possible. We have dealt successful with private buyers as well as professional investors. Our property portfolio includes sea view and beach front plots in  Koh Phangan, as well as commercial land, townhouses and land with teak wood forest.

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