Information: Buying land in Thailand

Thailand is the perfect holiday home destination: Tropical wather, tranquility and low property prices. But not only land and houses in Thailand are cheap, the costs of living are also considerably lower than in most Western countries. Thailand is an incredibly beautiful country and few places in the world compare to it.

However, ownership laws may seem confusing for foreigners at first. Foreigners can buy freehold or leasehold property in the Kingdom, but are not allowed to buy a freehold plot of land. There are different ways how to purchase land in Thailand, which we explain in our Thailand Real Estate Guide.

In short: The safest way is a 90 year leasehold, which doesn’t try to circumvent any existing law. The Thai government is under increasing pressure to open up the real estate market in Thailand but new regulations have not yet been announced.

A lot of questions might come to your mind if you think about buying land in Thailand. We will do our best to answer these questions! Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you need further clarifications.

Here are some useful information that should answer your most important questions: