haad tian seaview land for sale on Koh Phangan

1 Rai Plot in Haad Tian (west)

Siam Quality Assets develops this land in Haad Tian (west) as a residential area. This spacious sea view site in Haad Tian, Ko Phangan, consists of two hills and the valley in between. On one side, all land has been sold and at the moment, wonderful ocean view villas are built on these plots.

We’re now starting to develop the other side of the valley/hill and have already subdivided it into land plots with a size between 1600sqm and 2000sqm.

The special feature of this seaview land for sale on Koh Phangan is the stunning Sea view combined with a very short distance to the beach.

We offer interest-free partial payments for all plots in Haad Tian.   Please get in touch for further information.

Koh Phangan Sea View land – Development Layout Blue Sea Residence


Plot sizes of available plots

Plot  Size (RAI)  Size (SQM)
B8  0.9800  1568
C2  0.9025  1452
C2B  0.5  800
C3  1.0700  1712
C4  0.8900  1424
C5 1.0000  1600
C6  0.9850  1576
C7/8  1.0000  1600
C9 0.8475  1356

About Haad Tien:

Haad Tien lies in the Northwest of the island, only a short trip from the main town Thongsala and port of Koh Phangan. It is a small secluded beach with only one Hotel/Resort. The surrounding beaches Haad Salad and Haad Yao are larger tourist destinations, therefore residents can have all the tranquillity they need here, but will still be able to find many amenities in the area around. The westcoast of Koh Phangan has become one of the most famous destinations for people who think about investing in land in Thailand! The island is the most developing tourism spot in the Gulf of Siam and we think Haad Tian has a lot of potential.  If you’re interested in investing in Thailand property, we advise you to read our information about the future of Koh Phangan!

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