Green Activities and Events on Koh Phangan

Over two-thirds of Koh Phangan is made up of untouched rainforests and jungles and many of the island’s shores are pristine, sandy beaches with turquoise waters that stretch out as far as the eye can see. It’s a tropical haven, an exotic sanctuary where true unspoilt beauty prevails, drawing an increasing number of visitors over the years. Travellers are keen to connect with the islands natural beauty, difficult to find elsewhere on the globe.

Preservation is key if the island is to remain an unspoilt gem for years to come. Keeping the island clean and ecologically friendly is a topic that is on everyone’s minds and something that the locals are very passionate about. Subsequently, a number of green initiatives have been launched to encourage everyone who stays on the island to respect this little paradise and make sustainable decisions.

Beach Clean-ups


Koh Phangan is renowned for its beach parties, especially on Haad Rin’s Sunrise Beach, where thousands of party-goers line the shore for the monthly Full Moon Party. In high season, this coast sees in excess of 30,000 people in one night; the result is often often a build up of rubbish that is scattered across the shoreline, amongst rocks and in the sea. Although the beaches are cleaned straight after the parties, a number of beach clean-ups are organised throughout the year across all the beaches on the island.

One of the groups that organises the beach cleans is the Green Cross, who are also always looking for ways to incorporate sustainable living practices across the island aswell. The event sees both locals and visitors take to the island’s island’s beaches to clear all rubbish and debris, helping to restore Koh Phangan’s famous natural beauty. Participation is huge and even the divers get involved, organising a dive to clear the rubbish hidden under the waves and potentially harming the local marine life.

Green Restaurants and Resorts


A green initiative currently underway on the Koh Phangan is to transform the bars, restaurants and resorts into environmentally-friendly establishments. There are already a few resorts and yoga schools on board including Lime and Soda, Ocean View Beach Resort and The Yoga Retreat. These venues incorporate self-sustainable practices, growing their own produce, including coconuts, bananas and papaya, to offer to their guests. They also do their part in recycling, keeping their beach areas clean and contributing to the local community by sourcing locally, thus helping farming families. We hope to see more resorts and restaurants take part in this initiative so that eventually, there will only be Eco-friendly establishments on the island.

Eat Co Market

Every Sunday, Eat Co hosts an organic market in Srithanu, on the island’s West coast. The market is aimed at bringing both locals and visitors together to share organic and nutritious food. It’s a buffet-style market, offering up fresh and healthy organic eats, most of which has been grown on the island. It’s a popular weekly event, which contributes to the local community by supporting the local farmers and growers on the island. Through this act of conscious living, they hope to encourage people to participate in other green events and adopt sustainable living practices.

We hope to see more green and sustainable initiatives in force on the island in the years to come. There is a strong community on Koh Phangan who are committed to preserving the island’s natural beauty and we hope to pass this concept on to everyone who comes here. We believe that Koh Phangan should be a clean island and we should protect its natural beauty by every means possible so that we can enjoy it as well as those in generations to come.