Haad Tian Beachfront Land

Our beach front land in Haad Tien (West), Koh Phangan. It is located between the two well known tourist destinations Haad Yao and Haad Salad, with view over Haad Yao and its own bay, Haad Tian. The land is on a Nor Sor 3 Gor title and has full infrastructure, including electricity, water access and (government) road access.

The property for sale includes a peninsula with stunning view over the Angtong National Marine Park. The Haad Tian bay is a beautiful coral beach with only one resort. This resort doesn’t have its own beach as all the beach is attached to this property. There are several villas and houses in this area which makes this property interesting for villa developers who want to offer beachfront houses on Koh Phangan.

Haad Tian is a quiet area but the more busy beaches Haad Salad and Haad Yao are only a few minutes away. Restaurants, bars and supermarkets are not far away and the drive to the maintown Thongsala takes about 20 minutes.

Beachfront land in Phang-Nga Province

Own a beachfront land in the beautiful Phang-Nga province on Thailand’s West coast! This land is located on a peninuslar in Khura Buri district, close to the Mu Ko Surin National Park. Plots are available from 100wah / 1 Ngan / 400sqm and prices start from 2M THB. This is an unique opportunity to own an affordable beachfront plot in a very private location. Speed transfers are available to Khura Buri or even Phuket.

The land is flat and easy to build on and you can reach the National Park in just a few minutes.

Mu Ko Surin National Park

The National Park Ko Surin was established in 1981 and includes the Surin islands which are an archipelago of five islands in Phang Nga Province 55km off the coast at Andaman sea. The park covers an area of 141sqm. the islands are a very popular destinations for divers from all over the world because of many coral reefs and white sandy beaches.

The main islands are Ko Surin Nuea and Ko Surin Tai, the other three small islands are Ko Ri, Ko Khai and Ko Klang.

Haad Yao East

This is a unique investment opportunity on Koh Phangan’s east cost. Our property in Haad Yao east has a total size of 42 Rai, which is 67,200sqm. The land includes beachfront and ocean front land as well as a part with sea view on the back. There is no concrete road to Haad Yao East yet but a road connection at the back of the land is planned as well as another road which leads directly to the beach.

Haad Yao is often named “Paradise Beach”, it is a very quiet bay with only one small restaurant and a few bungalows. The beach itself is very white and soft and the water is warm and clear. The sand and water quality can be compared to Haad Rin Nok. The east coast is much better for swimming as the water here is deeper and there are no sand banks close to the coast. There’s a nice snorkeling spot at the northern end of the bay, where beautiful tropical fish can be discovered.

Our property in Haad Yao East is only suitable for professional and experienced developers who want to realize large projects as there are no plans to subdivide the land at the moment. Road connection and electricity can be provided for the buyer of this land!

The shape and location of the land make it ideal for a luxury resort or villa / appartment development.



*The property has a total size of over 52 Rai. The part with Beachfront can be subdivided. This is a master piece Beachfront Land on Koh Phangan, in an area that is well known for its nice white-sandy beach, the quiet surroundings and the diving spots around. Siam Quality Assets owns this big piece of land which covers an area from the beachfront to the concrete road, including stunning sea views from the land near the road. It is located on the southern end of Haad Maehad, overlooking beautiful Ko Mah. A private road to both the top of the land and the beach will be finished soon. The land forms the southern end of Maehaad beach. We think the size of this property and its superb location make it ideal for beach resorts and hotels. If you would like to get more information or if you are interested in purchasing land in Maehad / Koh Pha Ngan, please do not hesitate to contact us.

About Mae Had:

Mae Had is probably one of the places with the highest potential on Koh Phangan. It has both: Some beach restaurants and resorts, but also quiet places to relax on a lonely beach. Many people say, the atmosphere here is very special and different from any other place on Phangan. The road connections there have been improved recently. Koh Ma, the near by island that is connected to Maehaad by a sandbar, has a stunning coral reef. This is a well-known place for snorkeling and scuba diving trips. The area is designated as a National Marine Park, and has a very rich sea life. Turtles and reef sharks (harmless) can easily be spotted here. Also the sunset views over Koh Ma from here are breath taking.

Other Beaches nearby are Haad Salad, Haad Tian and Haad Yao to the southwest and Haad Chaloklum / Chaloklam to the north.

Other Beachfront land plots:

  • Ban Tai (Size: 6-3-29 Rai / 10.804qm)
  • Hin Kong (Size: 5-1-53 Rai / 8612qm)

Hin Kong

Siam Quality Assets offers this beachfront land for sale in Thailand, Ao Hin Kong. A road divides the property. One side is a very unique beach front land perfect for a housing project. The other part of the land is on the other side of the road and forms the larger part with enough space for several houses, for example. The land is situated in a very peaceful area and surrounded by a small community, including some restaurants and longtime-rented houses. There are a lot of longstay-visitors that would like to stay in this area as it is very quiet and laid-back but still near to the main city Thongsala. There are a wide variety of investment opportunities on this plot of land, including housing projects, small hotel- /resort-complexes or beachfront restaurants. This property is also very interesting for private party who want to build their (holiday-) homes and we think this is one of the most promising area to do real estate in Thailand with increasing value.

If you would like to get more information or if you are interested in purchasing land in Hin Kong/ Koh Pha Ngan, please do not hesitate to contact us.

About Hin Kong:

Ao Hin Kong on the west side of Koh Pha Ngan has about 2km of beach, which is mostly undeveloped. It is a great location for catching a sunset in solitude, as the bay is part of the sunset beach. The Mangrove trees that surround the bay create a very special atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere else and many are looking for Luxury Homes for sale in Thailand. If you like to do snorkelling, you will be happy to hear that there is a coral reef ony 300m of the beach.

Beachfront land for sale Koh Phangan
Sketch of the land shape – Beachfront land for sale Hin Kong, Koh Phangan

Other Beachfront land plots:

  • Ban Tai (Size: 6-3-29 Rai / 10.804qm),
  • Mae Haad (Size: 52-0-88 Rai / 83.552qm)