News and Blog: Real Estate for sale on Koh Phangan

Explore Your Options with A Move to Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful, fruitful place to call home. Many expats wishing to move to the country seek out luxury homes on ocean front areas where they can relax in the sun, have fun on the water and enjoy every moment of their lives in Thailand. There are numerous condos, apartments and villas for anyone wishing to move to...

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Usufruct Agreements in Thailand

Looking for a legal and safe way to have (almost) full property rights in Thailand? A Usufruct agreement can give you the right to possess and enjoy a property fully legally without being the owner. What is a Ususfruct? A Usufruct is a real right, which means it is attached to a ‘thing’. It originates from Roa law and gives...

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Green Activities and Events on Koh Phangan

Over two-thirds of Koh Phangan is made up of untouched rainforests and jungles and many of the island’s shores are pristine, sandy beaches with turquoise waters that stretch out as far as the eye can see. It’s a tropical haven, an exotic sanctuary where true unspoilt beauty prevails, drawing an increasing number of...

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Real Estate Outlook for Thailand 2015

It is not surprising that foreign investors are uncertain about investing in Thailand’s real estate market due to the negative publicity it has received recently. The military coup and the tragic case of British tourists murdered on Koh Tao have discouraged people from visiting the Kingdom. The press has even named the...

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How to Get to Koh Phangan

Located in the cool blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Phangan is an island paradise, consisting of secluded beaches, tropical rainforests, jungles and vast spans of untouched land. The island is growing in relevance and stature, not only in the western world but around the globe. Quickly becoming recognised as an island...

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Difference Between a Condo and an Apartment

Every continent across the globe has adopted its own colloquial term, which is evident in most of their market sectors, including real estate. If you are an overseas trader or investor, you will know that local jargon can be confusing, especially in a country like Thailand. Often, people that are new to the Kingdom, or fresh...

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