SQA’s 1 Rai policy

SQA-1rai-policy-SiamQualityAssetsCommercial and private party are both looking for land in Thailand and we understand that each side has different interests. While prospective commercial buyers usually need large land plots, private buyers probably want to build houses in beautiful surroundings, but don’t need that much space. That is why we introduce our 1-Rai policy: Although we mostly own large properties, almost all of them can be subdivided into smaller land plots, starting from 1 Rai.
Some areas might be designated as one property for mayor investor purposes and cannot be divided but we still can find exclusive sites on every land.
A Phanganproperty with a size of one Rai is not only enough space to develop a private housing project, it can also be sold again easily at any time, while it might become difficult to sell properties on Ko Phangan smaller than 1 Rai.
If you’re interested in further information about buying land in Thailand, please have a look on our information for private prospects. If you’re missing any facts or want to find out more about our land, please don’t hesitate to ask for more information!